The Perfect Place — Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands provides an excellent location for maritime services, strategically situated along major sea lanes at the very center of the triangular area of sea between Scotland, Norway and Iceland.

Fuglafjørður is the top pelagic fish industry port in the Faroe Islands; vessels from various countries call at this port every week for service or trade.

The country’s advanced transport and logistics infrastructure features several international container shipping services alongside comprehensive local, domestic and regional services.

Considering Bergfrost’s unmatched service offering alongside the overall logistics involved, doing business with Bergfrost is a natural first choice for more and more freezer trawlers and reefer ships.

Fuglafjørður is a leading port in the Faroe Islands and has excellent transport connections. Bergfrost’s central location in the main harbor area is next to the Pelagos freezing plant and the Havsbrún fishmeal, marine oil and feed factory, as well as a range of important services, such as fishing gear, fuel, supplies and mechanical repairs.