Aside from storing your frozen goods safely underground in our cold store which is placed in a tunnel complex covered by massive layers of insulating mountain rock, Bergfrost offers to:

• Charge/discharge vessels berthing at the Cold Store Terminal,
• Manage shipment of cargo,
• Load/unload containers and trucks,
• Handle paperwork including, shipment documents, health certificates and more.

Bergfrost’s advanced storage management includes the individual identification of every pallet via barcode for easy tracking. Through the online Cold Storage Manager, our clients have exclusive access to their stored goods, enabling them, from anywhere in the world via the Internet, to check on the status of their goods, including movement history such as loading, unloading, and shipment.

Fuglafjørður is a leading port in the Faroe Islands and has excellent transport connections. Bergfrost’s central location in the main harbor area is next to the Pelagos freezing plant and the Havsbrún fishmeal, marine oil and feed factory, as well as a range of important services, such as fishing gear, fuel, supplies and mechanical repairs.